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Sky Coaching

Shavonne has been personally trained and initiated in the SKY method by Annette Müller. These words and testimonials are from Annette and clients who have experienced SKY.


Sky Coaching is an energetic-spiritual healing method that clears emotional blockages from the present and past lives and allows you to free yourself and others from these chains without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatizing remembrances. It creates an internal shift that produces very positive changes in relationships.


Everyday life is characterized by pressure, stress and job requirements that continue to increase. Even kids at school don’t feel able to put up with the growing pressure to get higher marks and the competitiveness. These significant pressures often culminate in despondence, burn out, states of anxiety, depression or other psychological diseases.


Many people carry traumas with them that never come to light but hinder those people to live a healthy and fulfilled life. This does not only include events from childhood that can influence life and health sustainably in a negative way, but also current personal, local, and global happenings.


Additionally, negative dogmas that are deeply embedded in the subconscious can harm and block a person’s freedom of action for a lifetime. Imagine you are able to resolve all these emotional blockages. Imagine you can help people to live a life of joy and freedom. With SKY, a groundbreaking method of energetic-spiritual healing, this is possible.


  • With SKY you are working only on the emotional level with and in the subtle emotional human body.


  • With SKY you can resolve phobias, PTSD, depression, fears, lovesickness, longings and addictions, Burn Out Syndrome and light constraints with an amazingly fast, effective, safe and long-lasting method.


  • With SKY you can free yourself and others from the chains of emotional blockages.


  • With SKY you can unwind stress loaded situations in everyday life and turn them in a positive direction.


  • You can integrate SKY as a professional therapist into your practice.  Anyone trained in the method can use it professionally. You can practice anywhere – SKY can also be used while traveling or on the phone.


  • With SKY you can carry out a deep process of resolution with your patients or clients in your medical office.


  • With SKY you can effectively treat babies and animals.


  • In SKY, elements of energetic work and spirituality unite with modern psychology and therapy. The method makes it possible to lead the patient through a deep resolution process in the protected environment of a therapy or healing session, without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing or traumatizing remembrances.

  • The SKY-Coach is putting himself into a particular state of consciousness which he has learned in the SKY-Intensive-Seminar, which is similar to meditation. This method brings him into the position to be able to directly reach out to the subconscious of the client and into those levels where information, that the mind cannot reach out for, is stored. Within this blockages, negative thought patterns and dogmas buried in the subconscious are allowed to resolve in a gentle way.


  • This is a really revolutionary way of release that cannot be explained by science, however it can be felt and experienced directly. With this experience, the client can come to an inner strength that makes it possible for him to deal with future stress situations in a completly relaxed manner. At the same time the resolution of emotional blockages paves the way to physical health.

    What happens during a SKYourself-Intensiv training?


  • A short trip to anatomy and the physical meaning of the MANOMAYA-KOSHA is the introduction for the participants to their future instrument.

    After that the SKY method-teacher, leads the future SKY coaches into a meditation in which the Manomaya-Kosha of every single person is energetically activated.  The experiences that everyone of them had during the initiation are astonishing – all the way from hot flashes to endless calmness to impressive pictures, associations, appearances and messages.  

    Then it is time to start the practical work.


  • Again it is explained that deep lying blockages can be resolved within one session via intensive collaboration between the clients and the SKY coaches with the help of a fixed questionnaire. This questionnaire is experienced and practiced among the participants. In this process the participants are supervised and led by the SKY teachers. After every ‚round‘ all the participants met again to speak about the results of their training sessions. It is a very long day including a late shift to give everyone the opportunity of enough practical work.


  • Everyone will be deeply astonished to see the blockages that are resolved even on the first day for many participants.

  • A long-term meditation SKYourself is the highlight for many on Sunday. It creates the basis for all the participants to be able to work on unburdening their own emotions and patterns. From this experience they create the opportunity to escape their own powerlessness and free themselves of future emotional burdens.




Feedback &  Testimonials


  • I really enjoyed it and I think the seminar was very effective. I am sure that I can help many people with the SKY method.



  • One of the therapists who had been very skeptical at the beginning said: ‚My huge skepticism has turned into enthusiasm‘ and another therapists said: ‚The resistance I felt at the beginning has resolved and I thank you for this great instrument. Now I am really looking forward to integrate SKY into my everyday work.


  • The seminar gave me security that SKY really has an effect. I thank you for my new gained quality of life and the instrument with which I can help people.‘


  • One of the participating doctors said: ‚Thank you for this ingenious present.‘

    Reports from the participants and testimonials of putting it into practice:

    SKY to overcome the fear of the dentist and against examination fears.

    Alexandra Deutsch, dentist and participant of the SKY Intensive Seminar said, after she had integrated SKY into her daily work: I am totally pleased. Every dentist should be able to do that. I guess there is hardly any medical practice with as many phobic patients as in our profession. Right after the SKY seminar I made use of my new gained knowledge and was surprised how fast and easy I could free my patients of their fears with SKY. My husband, who I have the practice with, asks me to come to all of his fearful patients before the treatment. This also makes his work much easier.


  • And because this works so well, Alexandra Deutsch has also made use of SKY with her dental assistant trainee before her exams. The result was a thankful phone call of the young lady saying:


  • Mrs. Deutsch, I was totally relaxed during the exam and could concentrate on the tasks very well while everyone else was nervously shivering and groaning.‘

    How SKY can be used for the resolution of momentary tensed situations:

    What you are able to do with SKY in every-day life can be seen in the experience of Dr. med. Huber, which he made during shopping in the supermarket:


  • Dr. Huber found himself in a situation, which most everyone has experienced. A group of young people were wandering around the rows of shelves in a loud and rude manner. Most of the other customers stayed well away from them as they feared to create an escalation.  The doctor reported: “They were yelling at each other and generally kicking up a riot”.  I was standing directly behind them at the check-out counter. The yelling continued.  In front of me, one of them indicated they will use their head to bump someone else. Now I begin to use SKY. The emotions of inner loneliness, longing for attention and belonging are passing through my mind within a fraction of a second. The conveyor belt is loaded with bottles of alcoholic drinks. The cashier is starting to scan them. Suddenly one of the youth says: “Keep your traps shut!” The next one says: “Okay dude!” Then an invisible movement is passing through the group. Then one of the youth says: “Did we really stress you? We didn’t want to do that! In reality, we are not like that!” Then the situation totally shifted to a completely peaceful time while they packed their bags with bottles and said goodbye in a friendly way.


  • But SKY didn’t only have an effect forwards – from the beginning I had been standing behind the group. Now, after the event, I turn my head and I can see several smiling people behind me: ‚Well, the youngsters‘, one of them is saying.

    So the situation lost it’s tension within seconds. What a success and what a relief.


  • Exactly this could have prevented the escalation at the Rütli school.

    Do you know about the ‚Rütli school‘? In Germany it could be read in all newspapers.

  • It is a school right in the middle of the deprived area of Berlin-Neukölln in which the teachers weren’t able to handle the aggressions of their pupils. From time to time policemen accompanied the lessons because no one was able to guarantee the safety of the teachers anymore. There were gang wars in the schoolyard and in the classrooms. Teaching had become impossible. In view of this you can only wish that as many teachers as possible will take part in SKY seminars, and that SKY will be a subject of study at schools as soon as possible. It is a wonderful vision to see SKY as a way to heal some of the hard issues that face our general educational system.


  • Again it is a wonderful vision and quite a realistic wish, when you look at the results of SKY applications.  motional blockages that can have their origin in fears, traumas or negative dogmas that have a strong influence on personal life and behavior are resolved with SKY. Through SKY, a person gains more self-confidence and self-determined ways of acting.


  • A client that has been guided by Annette Bokpe during a Business-Coaching Session had a promising business concept and wanted to become self-employed with it. But she was scared to do so. Although she became aware of her competences during the Coaching sessions, every step forward was followed by a ‚but…‘. Obviously there was a blockage. In addition to the Coaching, Annette offered her a SKY session and among other things a fear of failure came to light, that most of all had been nourished by dogmas in the childhood and sustained by social manipulation. Intense emotions which came up could quickly be resolved with SKY. The result: the client is preparing her business plan to get it readyfor the next Coaching session with Annette Bokpe. There is nothing standing in the way to self-employment anymore.

    Many other people feel just like the before mentioned young woman who was standing in her own way because of her blockages. Because of each person’s own conditioning and the manipulations that effect them, they are not able to take their lives into their own hands and create it in a self-determined way.
    Every human has great potential and should be put into a state to be able to make use of it. As the many results of participants of SKY intensive seminars show again and again, this is possible.


  • The difference between what we do and what we would be able to do would be enough to solve the problems of the world‘, is a well-known quotation of Mahatma Gandhi. Every one of us is able to contribute to this.

    ‚So let’s take the first step to shift out of any compulsive or fear driven actions we have had up to now, and lets step into the wonderful potential that is waiting in all of us. Let us free ourselves and help others to free them (Annette Müller).


  • One particular training promised to be interesting, since on this weekend, participants from very different fields had signed in. There were therapists, mothers, housewives, medical representatives, postmen, jewelry designers and nurses representing a whole range of different professions.
    The goals differed too. Some wanted to learn SKY for the expansion of theire own consciousness, others to integrate SKY in their therapeutic work or create totally new professional perspectives with SKY, regarding to work as a professional SKY Coach. Almost all of them had come on recommendation and all of them with very high expectations.


  • When the SKY teachers had officially welcomed the participants and had said something about the potential that SKY holds, some of the participants became skeptical. But after the wonderful initiation to activate these abilities, which was given  by Annette Müller who is the founder of the SKY method, everyone could feel this unbelievable potential.

    One of the SKY assistants, impressively concluded: ‚SKY certainly is not only spiritually oriented. The thought of being able to help other people and supporting the free will for more peace, health and well-being for humans and animals is the goal of this energetic work. With this work Annette Müller is handing all of us an instrument which can ensure that there is more health, peace and luck everywhere in our every-day life!

    After the inauguration and the fundamental medical explanations we directly started with practical trainings. Participants‘ fears of not being able to implement this kind of work were of short duration because the positive experiences were so pleasing for the participants that they wanted to go on without taking a break.

    Exactly the same was reflected in the reactions of the participants after the trainings:


  • Brigitte Kränzle said: ‚Even during the process I felt that topics that had burdened me for a long time resolved. Now I really have to think hard about what it actually was.‘


  • Guy Schützling was fascinated: ‚Now a new era starts for me. A new inner attitude is developing.‘


  • Katrin Petermann reported: ‚This really was a powerful experience. So much has been freed within me. Really unbelievable.‘

    The two days have again been filled with intensive work. All participants liked the personal support and benefit they received from the SKY teacher during the training very much.


  • The initiation and the meditations have been the highlights of the weekend for everybody. Including SKYourself – Sky for oneself. Besides the opportunity to free others from emotional blockages SKYourself enables personal use.

    As Susanna Ullmann confirms, this is really something unusual. Up to now she hadn’t been handed an instrument she could use for herself – neither from therapies nor from therapeutic trainings and further trainings. ‚With SKYourself, I finally received a simple and effective instrument for the work with myself!‘, she says pleased.

    At the end of the SKY-intensive-seminar there was wonderful feedback. Brigitte Kränzle praised the clarity of the mediation and also added: ‚it was very pleasant. I have learned a lot. I have never experienced something like this before. The homeopathic practitioner. Ursula Hollerith, said: ‚I for sure will integrate this into my practical work. I would visit this seminar again at any time.


  • Katrin Petermann said: ‚It was absolutely fascinating, the whole atmosphere, I made these dreamlike experiences to simply be relieved of the pressure I had been feeling for years. Thanks a lot to everybody.‘

    And to Susanna Ullmann it is clear: ‚This is the right method. This is the path for my future. This is important for the world.‘

    SKY in practice

  • Two days after our SKY-intensive-seminar we could read the first results of SKY applications of our participants in the blog.

    Tanja Frey had been able to resolve the anger of one of her clients in relation to her mother in law and with that pave the way for good relations between the two women.


  • Andreas Busse freed a friend from the sharp pain in her shoulder via SKY. He also applied SKY on his dog with an astonishing result. When Andreas was going for a walk with his dog Bobby, a circular saw suddenly started making noise, and the dog went well-behaved to his keeper. Before the SKY application Bobby had always been running away in panic from unknown noises.

    Susanna Ullmann called and wanted to know if it really could be possible that SKY already showed effects when you only put yourself into the SKYconciousness-state and nothing much further. She reported that she had made an appointment with a friend shortly after the seminar and that her friend called her on the way to the meeting and said: ‚I feel so bad at the moment. I don’t really know if you want to be with me when I’m arriving that angry.‘ The friend had an irrepressible anger in relation to both herself and her boyfriend. When she finally met with Susanna she immediately started to report. Susanna put herself into the SKYconciousness-state and wanted to lead her friend through the long SKY process. But at that point the anger was gone already. ‚I don’t know where the anger suddenly has gone. This is totally unbelievable‘, she said and both friends had a wonderful, totally unburdened day together.










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