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amazingGRACE Healing

Shavonne has been personally trained and initiated in the amazingGRACE healing method by Annette Müller.  It is an especially powerful and sensational form of spiritual healing. It is an astonishingly fast method that provides visible healing successes. One can literally observe the spinal column straighten and adjust itself, watch different heights of hips and different lengths of legs compensate, cranial bones move, and swellings and pains vanish into air. Even shoulders with calcific tendinitis spontaneously regain their mobility. With amazinGRACE® the whole gamut of diseases can in most cases be successfully treated and cured.


amazinGRACE takes its effect on the astral body and thus does not manipulate the skeleton nor the musculature. The hip re-aligns by itself, the difference in the length of legs is adjusted automatically and the spinal column is straightened without mechanical help. Many a sigh of relief could be heard during our therapy sessions when long-time pains finally disappeared.


During a cure by means of amazinGRACE therapy, fundamental malpositions are corrected. A healthy order is re-established, the downward spiral of illness is broken and personal life quality can increase again.


A straight, well-adjusted spine is the foundation of a healthy life and the basis for recovery.


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