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Shavonne Martin –

AmazinGRACE Energy Healer

Shavonne is a certified amazinGRACE practioner, personally trained by the method founder, Annette Müller.


Before going further, click the testimonials link above and hear what real experiencers have to say. 


Shavonne works intuitively with each client's body, mind and spirit to listen  to what is needed energetically to return to the natural, balanced and healthy blueprint that remains encoded in even the most unhealthy of individuals. The body, mind and spirit have a built in desire to heal. An energetic nudge in the right direction is often all that is needed.


Spiritual healing is healing brought about through a change in thinking. Using subtle energy emanating from her hands, she  works with clients to help shift diseased physical structure as well as to restore more healthy beliefs by connecting with the subconscious or spiritual aspects of her clients. Often, a shift in beliefs in a single session creates an opening for source energy to flow and heal, instantly relieving aches and pains - even pains from financial challenges, childhood trauma and other battle wounds of life.







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